Green Deal Home Improvement Fund Closes

After just six weeks, the Government’s Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) closed to new applications at 6.30pm on 24 July. The Government cited ‘overwhelming popular demand’ for the decision to stop the scheme which had reached its budget allocation. All applications received prior to the fund closing that satisfy the terms and conditions and meet the eligibility criteria will be honoured at the original rates.

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund was set up for people in England and Wales to claim back money paid for specific energy efficiency measures. However, last week the maximum amount that could be claimed per household was reduced from £7,600 to £5,600. It is believed that this sparked a surge in applications which caused the allocated budget to be used much faster than expected.

Adrian Brown, Managing Director of Plumb-Line commented: “This scheme was a real opportunity for people to improve energy efficiency in their homes at a very low cost and its closure after just six weeks will be hugely disappointing to thousands of people. It just goes to show that consumers and businesses have to take these opportunities when they arise as any delay can cause a reduction or removal of funding.”

He added: “However, there are still opportunities available for people on low incomes to improve energy efficiency under the Affordable Warmth (or Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation - HHCRO) Scheme. In addition, homeowners, landlords or businesses wanting to switch to renewable energy should contact us regarding the Renewable Heat Incentive as soon as possible. Early applicants to the scheme will receive a higher payback than later applicants as budgets are adjusted.”

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