Keeping Pupils Warm this Winter

Pupils at Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School in Towcester will be as warm as toast this winter thanks to a new energy efficient heating system installed by Plumb-Line of Northampton.


We installed four new high efficiency condensing gas boilers, hot water heaters and new radiators throughout the school. The radiators have a low surface temperature and special pencil-proof grilles, so are much safer for the children.


Laura Kerrison, School Business Manager at Nicholas Hawksmoor School said: “We are absolutely delighted with the new heating system. Although we haven’t had the full onset of winter yet, we now have consistent heat throughout the school. It’s more comfortable all round for everybody and we have much better control over the heat.”


The system was funded by a grant from the Department for Education as part of their drive for more energy efficiency and better value for money for schools. Laura added: “We had to write a detailed specification to apply for the funding and Plumb-Line were very helpful in advising us on what we needed and supplying us with all the information. Once the funding was approved we had a very short time frame in which to complete the project. This was compounded by our delay in placing the order. Plumb-Line were fantastic and completed all the hot water heaters, radiators, pipework and building work in the last four weeks of the summer holidays, tidying everything up before the children returned. They then completed the boiler installations and testing soon after.”


Laura concluded: “Not only is the school much more comfortable, this will help us to maintain our Ecoschool Standards and we are expecting our energy bills to decrease too.”


For more information or advice on energy efficient heating systems, call us on 01604 644500.