Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

The MCS is an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme for small scale generation of renewable energy and it demonstrates to customers that a company is committed to meeting rigorous and testing standards. Plumb-Line is currently undertaking a thorough assessment to achieve MCS accreditation. It will give us a mark of competency and demonstrate that we can install to the highest quality every time. We are being assessed for the supply, design, installation, set-to-work and commissioning of renewable microgeneration technologies.

The MCS is linked to the availability of grant funding, for example:

Feed-In Tariffs provide guaranteed payments for small scale electricity generation. For technologies where there is an MCS standard, both the technology and the installer must be MCS certificated to be eligible.

The Renewable Heat Incentive is planned for later in 2011 and will provide cash back for renewable heat generation. The Government has indicated that it may be linked to MCS products and installers.