New ErP Directive comes into force

The Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive comes into force on 26 September 2015. This directive from the European Union requires manufacturers of space and water heating products to provide an energy-rating label for each product, similar to those commonly seen on white goods.

As an installer of space and water heating systems, Plumb-Line will be required to calculate the energy efficiency rating of each system, produce the required energy-rating label and an accompanying ‘technical fiche’, which includes additional performance and efficiency parameters of the system. These will be supplied with the product literature.

 All installations of boilers and water heaters in new and existing buildings will be affected by the ErP Directive. We believe that this is important new legislation for the industry, helping to drive out inefficient products and create greater transparency. At Plumb-Line we supply highly efficient boilers from industry-leading suppliers, and we design systems using the latest controls, so the energy-rating label will clearly show the consumer how energy efficient their system is.

 If you’d like to know more about the ErP Directive, then give us a call on 01604 644500.