Assessments and Energy Performance Ratings

We are accredited to complete a range of surveys and assessments to help you to decide which energy efficient measures are best for your property. Some assessments are required for government incentive schemes.

Green Deal Assessment / Green Deal Occupancy Assessment
A Green Deal Assessment is required to obtain any funding through the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme. An authorised assessor from Plumb-Line visits your home to assess the improvements in energy efficiency that are possible, and which ones are likely to be cost-effective. This is detailed in a Green Deal Advice Report.

Energy Performance Survey
All domestic and commercial buildings in the UK available to buy or rent must have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). If you own your home, having an energy performance survey done could help you to identify ways to save money on your energy bills.

An accredited assessor from Plumb-Line completes the Energy Performance Survey, producing an Energy Performance Certificate, which states how energy efficient a building is and gives it a rating from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient).  The EPC also gives an indication of heating and lighting costs and carbon dioxide emissions. It also states how you can make changes to improve the energy performance rating. Once produced, Energy Performance Certificates are valid for 10 years.

An up to date Energy Performance Certificate is required for various government incentive schemes including the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Feed-in Tariff

Only accredited Domestic Energy Assessors, such as Plumb-Line can produce valid Energy Performance Certificates.

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