Biomass boilers

Biomass central heating systems use a boiler which generally runs on wood pellets (or wood chip for larger installations). Pellets are usually the most convenient option as they can be delivered in bulk and stored in a hopper that permits automatic fuelling of the boiler. Wood chips, or more traditional biomass such as logs, tend to need manual refuelling, but can be very good value. 

Modern biomass boilers work in much the same way as a gas central heating boiler so they automatically meet your heating requirements. They are an ideal replacement for oil-fired boilers if you are looking to switch to a more sustainable form of heating, and they are an eligible technology for the Domestic RHI and Non-Domestic RHI schemes.

Biomass has the advantage that, when sourced from well-managed sources, it is almost carbon neutral, with new plantings offsetting the CO2 from the fuel used. Modern biomass boilers need very little maintenance, especially when compared with solid fuel or older biomass systems. 

A biomass boiler is ideally coupled with a solar hot water system to reduce your hot water heating costs and carbon emissions, automatically kicking in when required. 

At Plumb-Line we only install biomass boilers from high quality manufacturers such as Windhager and Viessmann