Green Deal

The original Green Deal was launched in January 2013 to help home owners and companies reduce their energy consumption by introducing energy efficiency or microgeneration measures. Instead of paying for these measures at the time of installation, they are paid over a period of time through energy bills on the property. The loan is therefore linked to the meter on the property, rather than the person who takes it out.

On 24 July 2015, the UK Government decided to stop funding the Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC), which was set up to lend money to Green Deal providers.

If you're a consumer, you won't be affected if your Green Deal improvements have already been made and you're making repayments through your electricity bill. Your Green Deal provider will still be responsible for any warranties or maintenance specified in your contract with them.

We employ a qualified Green Deal Advisor who is trained to provide Green Deal Advice Reports, which are required for funding under the Renewable Heat Incentive

Further details are available from the Energy Savings Trust