Solar domestic hot water

Solar water heating systems operate by converting energy radiated by the sun into heat. They can help to reduce fuel bills by providing almost all of a household's hot water during the summer months, and around 50-60% across the whole year. 

 Solar water heating systems for homes consist of:

• Solar panels usually fitted to the roof to convert heat from the sun into hot water
• A hot water cylinder - to store the hot water collected during the day and keep it for later use
• A plumbing system made up of piping, a pump station and controls

Types of system
There are generally two types of solar panels that are used in the UK:

• Flat plate panels
• Evacuated tube panels – they take up less room and are more efficient, but are more expensive than flat plate systems

Both flat plate and evacuated tube panels are eligible technologies for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Is your property suitable for solar water heating?
Preferably you will need:

• 2-5m2 of south-east to south-west facing roof space with very little shading during the main part of the day
• Space to locate an extra water cylinder if required, or replace the current cylinder with a larger twin coil cylinder
• Space for appropriate pumps and system controls

Can solar work with your current water system?
All solar water heating systems can work with combi boilers but are best suited for both vented and unvented hot water systems. With the continual increase in fuel prices and greater competition in the solar energy market, solar water heating is becoming more viable and increasingly popular. 

At Plumb-Line we work with manufacturers of high quality solar hot water systems including Viessmann, Vaillant and Glow-worm.