Underfloor heating

plumblineUnderfloor heating systems use water that is heated via any form of heating system. There are no visible cables or pipes and no radiators to take up valuable wall space and dictate where you put your furniture. They work best with solid floors that are finished in tiles or stone and are also suitable for carpeted floors. They are less suitable for wooden floors.
Underfloor heating systems are very efficient, with an average saving over conventional radiator heating of 20-40% because they operate at lower temperatures. They heat the floor evenly without wasting heat in circulated air and can achieve the ‘optimum comfort situation’ of 23 - 25C at floor level and 18 - 20C at head height.

Ground source and air source heat pumps are renewable energy systems which work most efficiently when raising water to a temperature of around 40C. This makes them ideally matched to an under-floor heating system.
Under-floor heating systems are most commonly installed into new properties or when properties are being extended or refurbished, because it is difficult to retro-fit them into existing properties.

Plumb-Line installs underfloor heating systems produced by various specialist manufacturers including: