Warm air units

plumbline-teamWarm air central heating works by supplying ducted warm air into rooms via discreet registers or diffusers, leaving wall space free for furniture.
Modern warm air heaters are fuel efficient and have electronic controls to provide stable room temperatures and excellent comfort conditions.
They provide quick warm-up times and can incorporate a water heater. Warm air units include filters to clean the air as it passes through the system. In addition, specialist electrostatic filters can be installed to remove 95% of all airborne particles down to 1 micron (including pollen and tobacco smoke) to provide a cleaner, healthier home environment.
Benefits of warm air central heating:

  • Modern electronic controls for precise, stable room temperatures without cold spots
  • Quick warm-up times
  • Quiet operation
  • Fuel efficient
  • Modern registers and grilles are inconspicuous

Plumb-Line supplies warm air units from leading manufacturer Johnson & Starley