The Government has announced a new plan to offer grants worth £5,000 to help fund the installation of heat pumps. The scheme will aim to help homeowners in England & Wales replace old gas boiler with lower carbon alternatives.

The subsidies are due to be offered from April 2022 and it is hoped that new natural gas boilers will be phased out, with no new gas boilers being sold after 2035.

The scheme aims to make heat pumps more affordable for people who need to replace their old boilers. There is no requirement to remove gas boilers that are still working. However, homeowners may be required to have sufficient levels of insulation.

Adrian Brown, Managing Director at Plumb-Line says: “It sounds like this is a replacement for the Green Homes Grant. Although that scheme had a lot of bad press, we found it to be very successful. By the time we have completed all of the installations, around 50 customers will have new heat pumps to help them reduce carbon emissions and save on their energy bills. All of our customers have been very pleased so far.”

Heat pumps work by extracting residual heat from the air (air source heat pumps) or from the ground (ground source). This heat passed through a compressor and a heat exchanger to provide heating for the home. It works in a similar way to a fridge in reverse.

Heat pumps can also be combined with a gas, oil or biomass (wood pellet) boiler in a hybrid system, which is also effective at reducing carbon emissions.

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