The Green Homes Grant was open to applicants from 30 September 2020 until 31 March 2021. Homeowners in England could apply for vouchers worth up to £5,000 (or £10,000 if on certain means-tested benefits) for energy efficient and low-carbon heating measures. Applicants had to have certain types of insulation in place before they could apply for heating measures, such as air source heat pumps.

The Green Homes Grant scheme closed 12 months earlier than expected due to the high demand for vouchers. It also received a lot of bad publicity, with some installers saying that it was taking a very long time to be paid. However, our experience at Plumb-Line has been entirely positive.

So far we have installed around 40 air source heat pumps or hybrid systems, eight solar thermal (hot water) systems and one set of smart heating controls. We will have completed around 50 heat pump installations by the time the Green Homes Grant finishes.

Each job under the Green Homes Grant has to be registered using an app while on site. The engineer has to provide evidence that the job has been completed to the required standard, uploading photos and documentation, which are tagged at the location by the app. When the job is verified as complete, the client is able to redeem their Green Homes Grant voucher, then the contractor can be paid.

“We’ve found the Green Homes Grant to be a great scheme,” says Adrian Brown, Managing Director at Plumb-Line. “We did have a few teething problems with the app. However, if you complete the job well, comply with all the regulations and the customer is happy, then there are no problems. We’ve been paid on time for all the work we’ve done and have a lot of happy clients.”

He adds: “Air source heat pumps and hybrid systems are really effective at reducing carbon emissions and energy bills for many people. I wish the scheme was continuing.”