The UK’s four largest boiler manufacturers have come together to deliver a promise that hydrogen-ready domestic boilers will cost no more than the equivalent natural gas boiler.

Hydrogen is a carbon-free fuel source as the only by-product from burning hydrogen is water, whereas natural gas is a fossil fuel that releases carbon. As a third of the UK’s greenhouse gases come from our homes, this move could help to reduce carbon emissions from home heating and hot water.

The Committee on Climate Change assumed that a hydrogen-ready boiler would cost £100 more than a natural gas boiler and calculated that the total cost of decarbonising homes would be £2.3bn. This move by Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi and Ideal will help those consumers who want to reduce their carbon emissions but don’t want to pay any extra for their boiler.

This is supported by the UK’s Energy Utilities Alliance ‘Too Close to Home’ Report, which asked consumers how far they were willing to go to deliver Net Zero. 42% of people said that tackling climate change was very important to them and 40% said that it was relatively important. However, the installation costs of some low-carbon technologies were prohibitive. 28% said that they wouldn’t pay anything and 30% said that they would only pay the cost of a new boiler. Affordability is clearly a key issue.

Hydrogen-ready boilers can burn hydrogen or natural gas. They would be initially installed to run on natural gas, but could be switched to hydrogen at a later date. It would just require around an hour’s work by a qualified engineer. Hydrogen-ready boilers work in the same way as natural gas boilers, giving the same comfort and control. There would be no need to change the pipework, radiators or thermostats in the home, or to install a new hot water tank.

Feasibility studies have shown that the UK’s gas grid could carry hydrogen. In addition, in the interim, according to Worcester Bosch, most modern boilers could operate effectively on a blend of 20% hydrogen and 80% natural gas.

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