Air source heat pump
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Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

There are several benefits of air source heat pumps, but first let’s explain what an air source heat pump is. It is a type of heating system that uses the outside air as a heat source. It works by extracting heat from the outside air and transferring…
Air Source Heat Pump in a garden of a home
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Funding for Air Source Heat Pumps

Funding for air source heat pumps is available for people in low income households who currently have electric heating or no heating in their homes. This funding is available from the government as part of ECO4 – the Energy Company Obligations…
An air source heat pump

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme – what it is and how to apply.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which began on April 1st 2022, is a new government scheme to encourage and assist the use of efficient, renewable energy generation to provide heat for your home. Are you looking for new ways to save money on your…
Air source heat pump

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air source heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular as a low-carbon heating option. They are energy-efficient with relatively low running costs. They are also becoming much more affordable as the technology becomes established, and especially…