Lady and child sitting in front of a radiator in a warm room
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How to get a Free Gas Boiler

You can get a free gas boiler under a government-funded scheme in the UK. If you’re on a low income (ie have a household income of less than £31,000 after tax) or receive certain benefits. Then you may qualify for the scheme. You can view…
H2 graphic denoting hydrogen-ready

Why Buy a Hydrogen-Ready Boiler?

With the UK’s largest boiler manufacturers promising that hydrogen-ready domestic boilers will cost no more than the equivalent natural gas boiler, they are certainly worth considering. Hydrogen is seen by many as the best alternative to…
Electricity pylon against a dark blue sky

What is the Energy Price Cap?

The energy price cap is a system used to limit the amount that an energy supplier can charge for their default gas and electricity tariffs. It is calculated by Ofgem and reviewed every six months – there’s a cap level for summer and a level…