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The Connected for Warmth Scheme is a government scheme that is designed to help people who are at risk of fuel poverty, or are vulnerable, to heat their homes. It also has the objective of reducing carbon emissions.

Under the Connected for Warmth scheme, qualifying households receive a free air source heat pump system, which is fully installed in their home. This includes the heat pump itself (which is located outside) plus a new water cylinder, radiators, all the necessary pipework, valves and heating controls.

Qualification for the scheme depends on meeting two key criteria:

  1. The property – homes must have sufficient insulation and either electric heating or no heating installed.
  2. Household income – the level of net household income (after tax) must be less than £31,000 or someone in the household must receive certain benefits.

You can find out more about the qualifying criteria for Connected for Warmth here

If your home doesn’t have sufficient insulation, then we may be able to install this for you – also for free – under a government scheme.

Connected for Warmth is funded by UK energy companies under their obligations as set out by the government under the ECO4 scheme. (ECO stands for Energy Company Obligations.)

Plumb-Line is an approved installer of air source heat pumps for the Connected for Warmth scheme. We have achieved this by passing rigorous assessments to ensure that we can provide and install air source heat pumps to the highest standard, and that we deliver a high level of customer care.

You can find out more about our accreditations and certifications here.

Call us on 01604 644500 if you think that you’re eligible for the Connected for Warmth Scheme and we can help you to take the next steps. Or email us at

You can apply directly by completing our online Connected for Warmth application form


For more information, go to Connected for Warmth and read our Connected for Warmth FAQs