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The Warm Home Discount Scheme was originally set up in 2011 and requires participating energy companies to provide support for people on low incomes, are living in fuel poverty or are vulnerable to cold-related illness.

From this year, the scheme in England and Wales differs from the scheme in Scotland, so this information refers to the Warm Home Discount Scheme in England and Wales. It has currently been extended until March 2026.

Direct Support

Direct support is available to eligible customers of a £150 rebate off their energy bill. They must buy their energy from an ‘obligated supplier’ – these are energy suppliers who have a minimum of 50,000 domestic customers in the UK. This threshold will be lowered to 1,000 from 2023/24 onwards.

Participants in the Warm Home Discount Scheme

The following energy companies are currently compulsory participants in the scheme:
British Gas
Bulb Energy
E (Gas and Electricity)
EDF Energy
ESB Energy
Outfox the Market
Good Energy
Octopus Energy
OVO Energy
Scottish Power
Shell Energy
Utility Warehouse

In addition, some energy brands partner with a licensed supplier of energy, which may be part of the scheme. You can find a full list of suppliers in the scheme on the government website.

The current Warm Home Discount Scheme started in November 2022 and rebates should be provided by 31 March 2023.

Indirect support

If you don’t buy your energy from a participating supplier in the scheme, you may be able to receive some indirect support. This is known as the Industry Initiative element of the scheme. These are available to a wider group of fuel-poor customers and include the following:

  • Energy advice
  • Benefit entitlement checks and/or assistance in claiming benefits
  • Energy efficiency measures, thermal efficiency measures, energy efficient appliances or micro generation
  • Assistance with energy debts, as part of a package of measures aimed at giving customers long-term relief from fuel poverty
  • Energy advice or energy efficiency measures to customers in off-gas grid homes, living in households with a person who has a significant health problem or disability, or living in communities where residents are wholly or mainly in fuel poverty.

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