Are you tired of the burden of high energy bills and the discomfort of a chilly home? If so, there’s hope. You may be eligible for fully grant-funded heating upgrades and energy efficiency measures under ECO4 or HUG2. These government initiatives are designed to improve the heating capabilities and energy efficiency of UK housing, alleviate fuel poverty, and contribute to carbon reduction targets.

The available upgrades, including insulation upgrades and modern, greener heating systems such as air source heat pumps, biomass boilers, high retention storage heaters, and photo voltaic panels, depend on personal circumstances, your property’s current energy performance certificate rating, and the available upgrade measures agreed by your local authority.

At Plumb-line, we are not just installers. We are fully accredited experts in all the insulation and central heating upgrade measures mentioned above. We work in close collaboration with local authorities and their nominated partners to ensure that these installations are meticulously planned, meet all funding criteria, and are installed within strictly agreed-upon parameters.

Qualifying for these grants is straightforward. If you own or privately rent properties in EPC Bands D, E, F & G, [link- find your EPC Bands here] and your gross household income is less than £36,000, or you are receiving child benefit, you’re likely eligible. Alternatively, if you’ve claimed one of the following benefits within the last 12 months, you may also qualify: Child Tax Credit, Employment Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance, Pension Credit Guarantee Credit, Pension Credit Savings Credit, Universal Credit, or Working Tax Credit.

You may also qualify if you have a designated vulnerable status, such as Council Tax Rebate, Stipulated LSOA, Free School Meals, Energy Supplier referral to Local Council, Energy debts over 13 weeks, disconnected pre-payment meter, or designated and registered vulnerable status based on health and home issues under Nice guidelines.

Most funding comes from ECO4 grants for on-gas properties and HUG2 grants for off-gas properties. Grant-funded measures available for on-gas properties include external insulation, cavity wall insulation, under-floor insulation, loft insulation, room in roof insulation, gas boiler upgrade to condensing boiler, and air source heat pump central heating system. For off-gas properties, grant-funded measures include high heat retention storage heaters and biomass boiler heating systems.

Don’t let high energy bills and a cold home impact your life. Contact us today at 01604 644500 or click here to see if you qualify for fully grant-funded heating upgrades and energy efficiency measures under ECO4 or HUG2.

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